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Date:2005-02-18 14:16
Subject:Tabards Ahoy!

Hi peoples!

This is just a reminder that there will be a tabard making day THIS SUNDAY, held
at Cienwyn and Derfel's place, starting at 10am. Their address is 183 Denison
St, Hamilton.

Essentially all we want to achieve is the creation of 15 very simple, red and
green tabards. These are for whoever wants one and wants to sport the colours of
our Barony.

All hands, any machines, tables, chairs would be greatly appreciated.

Even if you cannot sew, there are other ways to help out.

I'd love to see as many of you guys show up as possible.



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Date:2005-02-11 20:29
Subject:Much Ado Feast at Walka...

so, where is this event anyway? Never been to walka.

And what time?


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Date:2005-01-30 23:33
Subject:Tabard Day!

Hi Guys,

On Feburary 20th (A sunday), we will be making a new set of lovely red and green tabards.

We hope to be able to make 10-15 simple rectangular tabards in the baronial colours.

Who are they for? Anyone.
You need a tabard, take one.
You need a tabard for the next war? Take one.
And besides, it would be nice to throw one on a newbie, just to let them know they belong.

So, The start time is 10am at Cienwyn (sp?)and Derfel's place, 183 Denison Street, Hamilton south. Could you please bring any sewing gear, you may have... will be needed. Including machines and any spare trellace tables.

This is the weekend before Newcommer's feast.

Anyhow, BYO stuff and all help is appreciated.

Any questions, call me on 0402 246 876.


Baronial Constable

PS: Could I get a show of hands?

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Date:2004-08-19 14:50

Just for a post, as noone ever seems to...

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Date:2004-07-08 17:58
Subject:Malachi's Birthday Soiree
Mood: content

In a little more than a week, I will be turning 28. (you heard)

As with last year, I will be celebrating at the Hellfire Club, on Friday the 16th.

I would be happy to be surrounded by friends, though it may be a little bit of an ask for some (OK, most) to attend such establishment.

Anyhow, I will be there.

If curious, check out Hellfire Sydney


The Bishop

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Date:2004-04-06 21:29
Subject:Bad News Folks!

> STOP PRESS: From Hrothgar, Festival Steward
> We've just had official notification from the Yass Region Fire Control
> Officer:
> THERE WILL BE NO FIRES AT FESTIVAL. No camp fires, no cooking fires, no
> bardic circle fire.
> You are allowed covered candles, gas cookers, enclosed weber-style BBQs,
> lanterns. No official word on candles.
> We have argued strenuously for this not to happen, but the steward team
> has no influence in this matter. We apologise greatly for the
> inconvenience we know this will cause and trust in the versatility of
> the populace of Lochac.
> Any queries please call Hrothgar 0403-021-048.

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Date:2004-04-02 00:54

Anyone know of any accomodation going at the moment?

I'm toying with the idea of making a move.



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Date:2004-03-08 10:45
Subject:A&S Day
Mood: weird

A&S Day

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own registered device?

Wouldn’t it be nice to say, "See that banner? That’s MY banner with MY device on it!"

Greetings to all!

Coming up on the 21st of March, in the morning before the Newcomers Tourney, will be held our first A&S open day for all to attend! This first A&S Day will be based on Heraldry - not just plain old ‘how to’ heraldry either! This day will incorporate information & activities on book & voice heraldry. You will come out knowing how to call a tourney & will get to have a go at the Newcomers event - if you ask nicely - hints on name pronunciation as well as the book side of things. You will be shown tips on designing your own SCA legal heraldry & be given all the forms you could possibly need to submit your device!

The event will start at 11:30 am & will run until 2pm when the tourney starts!

You will need to bring:-

A pencil

An eraser

A gold coin donation to help cover the tea / coffee / biccys!

So come along & learn something you may not have known about heraldry, & get set up to a point where you can leap into the wonderful world of submittals of heraldry!

Yours in service,


Chivalry is not dead.

*A DMs best twit filter, is a Large Red Dragon*

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Date:2004-01-19 22:12
Mood:slowworked & swam out!

Yay!! I'm in!! Mwah-ha-ha-ha!!
Now you will NEVER get rid of me....Unless of course I get ousted by the greater community of Mordenvale & am forced to dwell in a small spider infested cavern whikle I dwell on my misdeeds... I could watch the spider spin it's web & learn all about...what was that again??
No, no!!!
I know!
It was about you dark side!
You know! The one that always tells you that another bowl of ice cream will do you good!
Yeah that's it!

Cheers all


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Date:2003-06-19 16:07


*shouts* "Mordenvale!"

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Date:2002-11-03 13:27
Subject:YULE FEAST!!!!!

Their Excellencies of Rowany, Corin and Keridwen, invite you to celebrate the season and a glorious year at the
Rowany Yule Feast

Finish the year in magnificent style with the Barony's premier event, featuring:
-The Boar's Head carol, the Green Man, and all your favourite Yule traditions
-The style and atmosphere of the Renaissance Mediterranean
-Convivial company from Barony, College and Canton
-The splendour and pageantry of Baronial court
-All the games and music, singing and dancing such a celebration warrants
-A sumptuous menu of delights from the Renaissance courts of Spain and Italy

Don't miss it!

Saturday December 7th, Imar Community Hall, 2a Fitzroy St, Croydon (opposite Croydon station)
Hall opens 6pm, feast commences 7pm

Cost: $25 members, $30 non-members booked
$30 members, $35 non-members at the door

All bookings to the Steward:
Giles de Laval (Mark Calderwood)
11 Cottle Rd, Bullaburra NSW 2784
Ph: (02) 4759 1651
email: mark-c@acay.com.au

Places are limited, so please book early. Bookings are confirmed upon payment, and are not transferable. Make cheques payable to "SCA Rowany"; please do not send cash through the mail. Hardship applications please contact the steward; none will be considered at the door.

Please notify the steward of special dietary requirements as soon as possible.

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Date:2002-09-19 23:05
Subject:The first!!!!
Mood: awake

Alright, this place definately needed a post. So here it is. Enjoy!

Ummm that's pretty much it.

Votes came in on "What's better, beer or wenching?" 80% wenching, 20% beer. Of course with only 5 bloody votes, what can you expect??


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